Sunday, March 10, 2013

Moving again

So what have we been up to for the last 6 months? Well, with winter coming on and the house in Iowa still not market ready we decided to change priorities. With the help of family the house in Michigan was winterized and we turned our focus back on Iowa. The house there was painted, staged and went on the market in January. Less than one month later it sold. With a proposed closing date of March 22nd it is now full steam ahead on Michigan again.

Ceiling paint going on

Last weekend we had a painting party. After some debate on whether to paint the ceilings we went with Dutchboy Dura Clean ceiling paint. It's amazing the difference it made, I didn't realise how bad those ceilings were until the paint started going on.

For the walls we selected Dutchboy Platinum paint banking on their promise that it will cover stains and stick to glossy surface. No prep, no prime. The entire house is "" with the exception of the lower part of the family and dining rooms which are "blondalicious" and the child's room which is a "mauvelous" pink. So pink that it was described as "like standing in a bottle of Pepto-bismol". Hopefully some of the furniture and accents will tone it down.

The Mauvelouse pink going on the walls